A Moment of Serenity, Reflection & Joy

Myst Ambience is an online retail space with collections of jewellery and crafts aim to infuse consumers a moment of serenity, reflection and joy. Our jewellery is either fully or partially handcrafted with materials such as rose-gold plated over silver, artistic wires, connectors and crystals. 

We believe the true value of a jewellery and craft lies in the inspirations of the design, the effort of perfecting the design by the crafters and the appreciations showered from users to recognise the piece of jewellery or craft has uplifted a mood or captured a memory.

Break From The Routine Whirl

Design of this series was inspired by  how Baltic Amber, a fossil resin formed millions of years got whirled and waved up to the shores of the Baltic Sea for the sunshine. This series of jewellery reminds us getting out from a whirl of routine life, to seek a break through from the repetitive and cyclical living! Designs include "Whirl of Amber Fire" crafted from Amber and "Tornadoes of Sunshine" with golden sunstones.

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Our pilot collection of designs comprises of different aspirations in life; to get a breakthrough from a whirl of routine living, to kindle a spark of fire and passion that might be long forgotten, to risk stacking up for the excitement and chills in life. More designs upcoming for year 2024 with themes on freedom and living in the present.

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